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Working Tax Credit

If you are struggling to make ends meet money is available through the tax credit system for people who are on low wages
What is the Working Tax Credit?

The Working Tax Credit has been designed to provide extra help for working people on low incomes. Within the Working Tax Credit there is a childcare element that helps provide financial support for registered childcare while you are working.

Am I eligible to receive the Working Tax Credit?

Working Tax Credits are available for people on low incomes with or without children. You must be employed or self-employed and should expect your paid work to continue for at least four weeks. If you do not have children you should:

If you have children you should:

Exceptions to this may apply if you are aged over 60 or disabled. A questionnaire is available to help you find out whether you are eligible to receive tax credits.

What are the income limits for receiving Working Tax Credits?

In 2016/17 the total annual income limits that generally apply for tax credits are as follows:

However, these income limits don't apply to everyone, for example, they could be higher if you have a very large family or have a disability.

Where can I find more information about Working Tax Credits?

More information about Working Tax Credits can be obtained from the Government information website. You may also be interested in finding out about Child Tax Credits, finding out how to apply for tax credits and knowing how much you will receive.