Working Tax Credit

What is working tax credit?

Working tax credit was available to provide extra help for people on low incomes. However, it is being replaced by Universal Credit and is now only available for new claimants who get the severe disability premium or got it in the past month and are still eligible for it.

What financial help is available instead of working tax credit?

Universal Credit is available for people of working age who no longer qualify for working tax credit and pension credit is available for people who have reached state pension age who no longer qualify for working tax credit.

I am already claiming working tax credit. Can I continue to do so?

Yes, you can continue to claim your working tax credit in the usual way. However, if you stop your claim and then try to make a new claim, you will be unable to do so as working tax credit is being replaced by Universal Credit.

Where can I find more information about Working Tax Credits?

More information about working tax credit can be obtained from the Government information website.