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Familycash provides advice on tax credits, benefits, saving money, obtaining bargains and discounts, investing for your children and accessing cheap education

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All your money questions answered for families who may be short of cash or looking for bargains and discounts

These are some links to sites that may be useful or will provide further information.
Money saving ideas and financial advice for senior citizens, including bargains, grants, loans, freebies, discounts and money-off vouchers.
This site provides information about our informative financial guides for students and staff. Books are available on topics such as student grants, loans, bursaries, scholarships, going to college and university and financial support for adult learners.
Visit this site for information about all aspects of IT and data networking for small business and home users in Dorset. They are Weymouth PC repair specialists and offer advice on networking, web design and promotion and telecom optimization.
Catherine Dawson is a highly regarded writer and researcher. Visit her site for more information about her and the books that she writes. Books are available on topics such as student finance, property development and becoming a writer. Visit this site for more information about Catherine Dawson's books and to obtain free downloads.
Petcash provides information about discounts, bargains and freebies for pet owners in the UK. If you would like to save money on pet bills petcash will have some useful advice for you.