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Supermarket discounts

If you are struggling to pay for your weekly food shop, Family Cash offers advice about reducing food bills and becoming a savvy shopper
How can I save money on supermarket shopping?

It is possible to save money by being a savvy supermarket customer:

Do own brands represent good value for money?

Supermarket own brands offer reduced prices on staple goods, so check these out before reaching automatically for branded goods. However, you will need to do your research. Some own brands appear to be better value, but may be smaller packs, lower weights or contain fewer items. Toilet rolls are a good example – very cheap rolls contain fewer sheets and are thinner so you have to use more. Often you are better looking for special offers on better quality brands.

Can I save money using supermarket price guarantees?

Supermarket price guarantees can help you to save small amounts of money. For example, Asda Price Guarantee checks the price of your shopping against rival supermarkets and if it is not 10% cheaper it will give you the difference. You will need to buy eight separate items or more for your receipt to qualify.The Tesco Brand Guarantee compares ten or more different products in-store or online and if your shopping is cheaper at Asda, Sainsbury’s or Morrisons the difference will be refunded instantly.

How can I compare supermarket prices?

Various apps are available to help you compare supermarket prices while you shop – consult your app store to find out what is available for your phone. You can also use My Supermarket to help you to compare prices before you shop.

Can I obtain cheap food online?

Yes, you can obtain cheap food online. Click here for more information about websites that sell cheap food.