Clothing Grants

This scheme provides grants to parents from low income households to help with the cost of buying school uniforms for their children. The grant is available for pupils up to the age of 16 (or 17 in Scotland) who attend a ‘qualifying’ school.

How much is a clothing grant?

Grants are made at the discretion of your local authority and depend on available funds and financial need. Also, some local authorities are withdrawing their clothing grants due to lack of funds. Grants can range from £20 for primary school pupils up to £50 for secondary school pupils.

Is my child eligible to receive a clothing grant?

Eligibility criteria are at the discretion of your local authority. However, in general, parents will need to be in receipt of certain specified benefits. Some local authorities will provide a clothing grant in other circumstances, which could include the following:

  • in cases where there has been a fire, flood or theft;

  • where families have been made homeless;

  • if there is a medical condition such as obesity or extreme growth;

  • if there has been a parental bereavement.

How do I apply for a clothing grant?

Application forms are available from your local authority and in most cases can be downloaded from their website. The parent or carer who receives the qualifying benefit needs to complete the application form and return it with all supporting documentation by the stated deadline. In some areas applications are made direct to your school, so contact them direct to find out whether you qualify and to obtain an application form.

Where can I find out more about clothing grants?

Contact your local authority or child’s school direct for more information about the type of scheme that is available in your area and to find out whether you are eligible for financial help through this scheme.