Residential School Trips

If your child has to attend a residential school trip you do not have to pay for the educational or travel part of the trip as long as one of the following applies:

  • it is taking place wholly or mainly during normal school hours;

  • it is to do with the National Curriculum or religious education;

  • it meets the requirements of the syllabus for a public examination.

However, a charge will be made for the cost of board and lodging on these residential trips, which all parents must pay unless they are in receipt of certain specified benefits. If this is the case you may be able to claim a remission on the charges.

How much money is available to help pay for residential school trips?

Remission payments will be restricted to the reimbursement of the actual board and lodging cost incurred by your child when taking part in approved residential activities. These costs vary, depending on the type and length of trip, so contact your child’s school to find out about the costs of board and lodging. Additional costs such as transport, entrance fees and equipment hire will not be reimbursed.

Is my child eligible to get financial help for residential trips?

If you, as the parent, are in receipt of certain specified benefits, you are eligible to apply for remission on board and lodging costs.

How do I apply for financial help with residential school trips?

Contact your child’s school direct. You need to apply for remission as soon as possible as the school needs to work out how much the trip will cost and how many parents qualify for remission. Some schools may ask for a voluntary contribution from parents to help with the costs of the trip (if the costs cannot be met the trip may have to be cancelled).

Where can I get more information about financial help for school trips?

More information about this scheme can be obtained from your local authority and from your child’s school.