Income Support

What is Income Support?

Income support is paid to people who are on a low income. However, it is now being replaced with Universal Credit. New claims can be made only by those groups listed below.

Who qualifies for Income Support?

New claims for Income Support can now only be made by those who are getting the severe disability premium and those who have got a severe disability premium in the last month and are still eligible for it. If you do not fall within these categories, you can claim Universal Credit instead.

How much is Income Support?

The amount of Income Support you will receive depends on your age, status, income and savings. The following weekly amounts are provided as a general guide, but you will need to check specific amounts by using the benefits adviser.

  • single person (aged 16 – 24) £57.90

  • single person (aged over 25) £73.10

  • lone parent (aged 16 – 17) £57.90

  • lone parent (aged over 18) £73.10

  • couple (aged 18 or over) £114.85

Can I claim Income Support while I am working?

You can claim Income Support if you work less than 16 hours a week, depending on how much you earn and your personal and/or family circumstances.

How do I claim Income Support?

You can claim Income Support by telephone on 0800 169 0350, textphone on 0800 023 4888 or by downloading a claim form. You will need to provide the following information when you claim:

  • your income;
  • the income of any partner;
  • where you live;
  • who lives with you.

Where can I get more information about Income Support?

More information about Income Support can be obtained from the Government information website.