Home Improvement Loans and Grants

What grants and loans are available for home improvements?

Heating and insulation grants are available for people on certain qualifying benefits, depending on where you live in the UK:

Are home improvement grants available for disabled people?

There is a grant available called the Disabled Facilities Grant. This provides money for people with disabilities to make improvements such as the installation of a stair lift or an accessible bathroom. The financial help that you could receive depends on your income and savings. More information about the Disabled Facilities Grant is available from the Government information website.

What grants and loans are available for senior citizens?

There are a variety of grants and loans available for older people. Senior Cash offers further advice about money for home improvement for senior citizens. The Warm Home Discount Scheme offers a discount of £140 on electricity bills for older people who are in receipt of the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.

Where can I get more information about grants for home improvements?

More information about grants for home improvements can be obtained from your local Home Improvement Agency. You can find your local Home Improvement Agency by visiting www.findmyhia.org.uk and entering your location in the box provided. Also you can contact your local council to find out what grant and loan schemes are available in your area.