Helena Kennedy Bursaries

What is the Helena Kennedy Foundation?

The Helena Kennedy Foundation (HKF) was launched in 1998. It is a registered educational charity established to encourage social inclusion and widening participation in further and higher education. The HKF provides financial support in the form of bursaries and also offers personalised student support to the recipients of the bursary.

What subjects are covered by the scheme?

Most subjects will be considered. In the past, bursaries have been awarded to students studying psychology, law, child development and education, dentistry, economics, computer science, business studies, social work, sports coaching, teaching and medicine.

What are the eligibility criteria for a Helena Kennedy bursary?

To be eligible for a bursary you must be in the final year of study at a publicly funded further education college and aim to move on to higher education. This must be your first time in higher education and you must be anticipating financial difficulty. There is no age or nationality restriction. Bursaries are not available for postgraduate courses, international study or courses at private institutions.

How much is a Helena Kennedy bursary?

The HKF awards single bursaries of £2,250, which are paid in instalments to successful students. However, the Foundation receives many more applications than it is able to support, so competition is strong.

How do I apply for a Helena Kennedy bursary?

Before you apply you need to check that you meet the eligibility criteria, which are clearly displayed on the HKF website. If you do meet the criteria you need to approach student services at your college to find out whether they will nominate you for an award. You cannot put in an application unless your college is willing to put your name forward and colleges are only able to nominate up to five candidates. If members of staff agree to nominate you, download an application form and guidance notes from the HKF website.

Where can I find more information about Helena Kennedy bursaries?

More information about the bursaries and personal support offered by the HKF can be obtained from the HKF website. You may also be able to obtain funding from your chosen university.

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