Grants from Charities

Do charities offer money for further education?

There are a number of local and national charities in the UK that provide small grants and bursaries to people who want to study a course at further education level.

How much money is available?

Amounts vary and depend on maximum amounts offered by the charity and on the levels of financial hardship experienced by the person applying. Some offer small grants to cover books and travel, whereas others might offer larger grants to cover tuition fees and living expenses, for example.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Eligibility criteria vary: you will need to contact each charity direct to find out whether you are eligible. Ensure that you read and meet the criteria prior to application: your application will be unsuccessful if you do not meet the stated criteria.

How can I find out what is available?

You can use the Turn2Us search facility that enables you to enter your postcode and search for charities that provide grants in your area. You can also visit Family Action to find out about their educational grants. The Talisman Charitable Trust also provides small grants for further education.

Where can I find more information?

Contact the student advice centre at your local further education college. Members of staff will be able to provide information about grants that might be available for your studies.