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The Gilchrist Educational Trust

If you are in your final year of university study and are struggling to make ends meet, trust and charity grants are available
What is the Gilchrist Educational Trust?

The Gilchrist Educational Trust was set up in the nineteenth century 'for the benefit, advancement and propagation of education and learning in every part of the world as far as circumstances will permit'. Through this trust individual grants of various amounts are offered to higher education students who are facing serious financial difficulty. Also, grants are paid to students who are required to spend a short period of time for study purposes in another country.

How much money is available from the Gilchrist Educational Trust?

Amounts vary, depending on available funds and financial need of the applicant. The average grant for students facing serious financial difficulty is £528 and the average grant for students spending a short period of time abroad for study purposes is £531. Other education grants may be available.

What are the eligibility criteria for funding from the Gilchrist Educational Trust?

To qualify for a grant you must be studying full-time, facing serious financial difficulty (usually in the final year of your course) or intending to spend a short period of time for study purposes in another country. Funds are not available for part-time study and for students who are seeking financial help to pay for dependants. They are also not available for those wishing to go abroad under the auspices of independent travel, exploratory or educational projects.

What are the application procedures for funding from the Gilchrist Educational Trust?

Application forms will be sent to eligible students who make enquiries to the Trust and can be submitted at any time of the year. All forms must be submitted by post: email applications will not be accepted. Contact the Trust for more information and to receive an application form.

Where can I find more information about the Gilchrist Educational Trust?

More information about grants for individual students can be obtained from the Gilchrist Educational Trust website.

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