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Free entertainment for children

If you are struggling financially it is possible to take the kids out and not spend any money on entertainment or food or drink
Where can I get free entertainment for my children?

There are a variety of ways that you can get free entertainment for your children:

How can I save money on travel when taking the kids out?

There are various ways that you can save money on travel when you are going out with your children.

How can I stop my children wanting expensive treats when we are out?

Avoid places where they are likely to see expensive treats. Take your own treats with you – homemade cakes or biscuits for example. Make them look like they are a special treat, such as colourful icing or decorative pieces. Don't make this type of treat too often – keep it for special occasions. Don't let your children get into the habit of expecting expensive treats when they are on holiday or on day visits.

Where can I find out about cheap family holidays?

More information about cheap family holidays is available from this page.