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Discounts for students

If you are a student and you are struggling financially, there are discounts available to help you to watch your money and manage your budget
Will the Students' Union offer discounts?

When you join your students' union you will receive a welcome pack containing a variety of free samples, vouchers, free gifts and information about local facilities. Your students' union will also arrange promotions such as 2 for 1 on selected drinks, themed party nights, free newspapers, cheap stationery and discounted food.

Can I get discounts from the National Union of Students?

You can buy an NUS Extra card if you are a student (at school, college, university or professional organisation), a distance learner or a work-based learner (such as an apprentice). In 2017 this card costs £12 for a year and entitles you to a wide variety of discounts and rewards. A value calculator is available on their website to show you how much you could save.

Can I receive discounts abroad as a student?

An International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is an identity card that is recognised in over 100 countries worldwide and is available for full-time students. It provides its members with discounts on international travel and access to over 15,000 discounts worldwide. In 2017 an ISIC costs around £12 (depending on the country in which you buy the ISIC).

Is cheap IT equipment available for students?

As a student you can obtain cheap IT equipment in the following ways:

Where can I find more information about discounts for students?

Comprehensive information and advice about student finance is offered by Student Cash. If you are a young student you may qualify for discounts aimed at young people.