Discounts for students

Will the Students' Union offer discounts?

When you join your students' union you will receive a welcome pack containing a variety of free samples, vouchers, free gifts and information about local facilities. Your students' union will also arrange promotions such as 2 for 1 on selected drinks, themed party nights, free newspapers, cheap stationery and discounted food.

Can I get discounts from the National Union of Students?

You can obtain a TOTUM card, which is the new name for the NUS Extra Card. This card provides over 200 student discounts and comes with a free 1-year International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which provides student discounts when you are overseas. A TOTUM card costs £12 for a one year card, £22 for a two year card or £32 for a three year card.

Can I receive discounts abroad as a student?

An International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is an identity card that is recognised in over 100 countries worldwide and is available for full-time students. It provides its members with discounts on international travel and access to over 15,000 discounts worldwide. In 2019 an ISIC costs around £12 (depending on the country in which you buy the ISIC).

Is cheap IT equipment available for students?

As a student you can obtain cheap IT equipment in the following ways:

  • Each year a large amount of college/university IT equipment is taken out of service. Some institutions have a disposal procedure under which equipment is sanitised to make it available for re-sale to students. Contact your college/university IT department for more information.
  • Many universities have a computer shop where you can purchase your computing equipment at educational prices. To purchase this equipment at discounted prices you will need evidence of your student status (usually your students' union card or your library card).
  • Discounted software can be obtained from Microsoft or Software for students. You will need to show you are a registered student or be able to email them from an '.ac' email address, which will be your college/university email address.
  • Second-hand computing equipment can be bought very cheaply and many students find that it is adequate for their three years of study. Check the college/university network and departmental notice-boards for items selling cheaply.

Where can I find more information about discounts for students?

Comprehensive information and advice about student finance is offered by Student Cash. If you are a young student you may qualify for discounts aimed at young people.