Buying cheap food

How can I reduce my food shopping bills?

There are several ways that you can reduce your food shopping bills:

  • Write a list and don't be tempted to impulse buy.

  • Don't shop when you are hungry as this will encourage you to buy more food, which can be less healthy and more expensive convenience food.

  • Don't shop with the kids if they try to get you to buy extra, expensive items that are not on your list.

  • Get to know where bargain/reduced sections are located in your local supermarket and find out when food items are reduced. Make sure you take advantage of supermarket price guarantee schemes.

  • Avoid ready meals and convenience foods as these are more expensive. Cook your own meals using fresh ingredients. Buy vegetables that are in season as they are cheaper, or better still, grow your own vegetables where possible.

  • Don't waste food. Check 'use by' dates and make sure that all food is used by then. If you can't use the food by that date, think about freezing it, or cooking it to prolong life, if it is raw.

Can I buy cheap food online?

It is possible to buy some of your food online from sites that specialise in providing cheap, bulk items that are close to the 'best before' date.

How do I know that bargain foods are safe?

Always check 'use by' dates and don't buy food that is past this date. If a website doesn't provide this information, shop elsewhere. Only use respectable retailers. If you are in doubt about any company or product you can visit the Food Standards Agency website to find out whether there are any reported problems.