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Affordable Warmth Grant

If you have an old central heating system, or no heating at all, you can apply for a grant to make your home warmer and healthier
What is the Affordable Warmth Grant?

The Affordable Warmth Grant is available for people living in Northern Ireland. Help is available through this scheme to enable people to make their homes more energy efficient, healthier and warmer.

Who qualifies for the Affordable Warmth Grant?

You may be eligible if you are an owner occupier or householder of a privately rented property and your gross annual household income is less than £20,000.

How much is the Affordable Warmth Grant?

The maximum grant offered will be £7,500 or, if solid wall insulation is to be installed, then the grant limit will increase to £10,000

How do I get an Affordable Warmth Grant?

All local councils across Northern Ireland will be targeting households identified as eligible for energy efficiency improvement work under this scheme. Areas considered most in need of energy efficiency measures will be contacted first.

Where can I find more information about the Affordable Warmth Grant?

Further information on the Affordable Warmth Grant is available by telephoning 0300 200 7874. Or you can visit the government information website for more information.